Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bright Waters!

Imagine my surprise today when I came home from work this afternoon. Behind the door was lying a package from Coch-y-Bonddu books. I didn't understand. I couldn't recall ordering a book to add to my ever increasing collection and I doubted very much that my son or other half had ordered me a birthday present a week early. Excitedly I ripped the package open to find a copy of 'Bright Waters' which is a 'celebration' as it proclaims on the jacket cover, of Irish game, course and sea angling. I was puzzled as to who had sent me this book as there was no letter or invoice attached. Then I remembered that I had sent of a short story to Fly Fishing & Fly tying magazine last month and that the prize for getting the story published in the magazine was the said book. I had bought this month's magazine yesterday and noticed that the Fish Story feature was not within this months pages. I think it's now a bi monthly feature. I can only assume I must have been successful with my story.I'm going to have a nice bottle of red to celebrate tonight. hic!


  1. Great job man. I had some stuff published in a magazine a few years ago and its a great feeling to have your stuff recognized. Very rewarding.

  2. Yes, it is indeed.That's the second short story I have had published in that mag.
    Cheers, Allan.