Monday, 19 July 2010

Happy and contented at Hillend

As this was a bank holiday today I decided to give Hillend a miss during the day as it can sometimes be busy on such occasions. I waited until about half past eight tonight before making the short journey up to the Loch. Conditions were favourable as I walked from the club house towards the Braco Burn. i stopped short of the burn and set up my cast of a half hog hopper on the point and a Clan Chief on the dropper.Soon I was casting at the odd rising fish.It wasn't too long before I made contact with my one and only fish of the evening. I'm afraid I didn't manage a pic as I landed the fish in among the huge boulders that are spread along the south shore and I had left my bag further up the banking. I released the 2lb rainbow and off it went into the shadows. After a while I moved back up to the narrows and sat waiting to see if a rise would come on. One or two fished showed so I had a few final casts before packing up. I did get some pics of the Loch as usual the best of which is the one above.The fly above is the fly which fooled the trout tonight.For the second night in a row it was happy and contented angler that arrived home to write on my blog.

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