Monday, 5 July 2010

Flytying for Pleasure

I've been busy at the vice all morning and afternoon today, tying up flies for my trip to Caithness on Thursday. I literally have thousands of flies and to be honest I don't really need to be tying as I most probably have flies for every eventuality that will come my way on my fishing trip. I'm sure I'm not alone in participating in such practices. It's just something we fly tyers do. I just do it for the sheer love of tying. I am led to believe that brightly coloured flies are popular at Loch Watten which will be my main venue while I'm away. With that in mind I have been tying all manner of variations of traditional patterns which I hope will give me an edge.I don't have a name for the above fly it's just one of those patterns based loosely around a traditional style that I really enjoy tying. If anyone can think of a name for this pattern, please leave a suggestion in the comments box.


  1. Nice looking fly. I just might poach it

  2. Would like to see how it looks as a drawing/sketch on your blog. would be quite interesting