Friday, 11 March 2011

First Hillend Stocking of the year!

As I was passing by Hillend Loch today I noticed what appeared to be a strange looking boat out on the Loch near the Spiers Island. I was puzzled at first but soon realized that it was the stocking convener out on the wheelie boat doing what stocking conveners do......stock the Loch with fish. I continued on up to the fishing Lodge and then saw the truck on the jetty with the tanks of fish on board so I headed down to wait on the boat coming in and see for myself, some of fish that I hope to connect with next week. I arrived at the jetty just in time to see the last load of fish being put into the tanks and then out onto the Loch. The exact location of where the fish were placed will remain a secret with! nah! only kidding they were stocked in various locations all over the Loch. I'm not sure how many fish were put into the Loch but I think it was four tankfuls which I can assure you is a lot of fish. The estimated average size of the fish I witnessed being stocked were around the 2lb mark but there was quite a few double that size at least too. Only four days to go now until I can get to fool them. I just hope that the forecast of snow over the next few days doesn't come to fruition.

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