Wednesday, 16 March 2011

My First Trout of the Season

Yesterday, unforeseen circumstances at work prevented me from taking a holiday and getting out on the Loch on the opening day of the season which, in retrospect turned out to be a blessing as the weather here at Dabbler's HQ was horrendous. Once again we were hit with an icy blast of wind, ice and snow. My Hillend correspondent tells me that it was a winter wonderland up there yesterday.
Therefore I arranged for a half-day holiday today and decided to get up to the Loch at midday. When I arrived the Loch was bathed in sunshine. As I wondered round the shore I heard various reports from credible and not so credible sources of good numbers of trout being caught from various locations all over the Loch. Ted's Tree looked as good a place as any to make my first cast of the season. I set up with a Hillend Brute on the point and a Hillend Green on the dropper. I persevered for about fifteen minutes or so before heading over to the Island in front of the Whitehill woods. It wasn't long before I made contact with one of the new Hillend residents but he managed to get off in the fight which ensued. I had to wait for another twenty minutes or so before getting the chance to land my first trout of the season. This time I safely had the trout in the net after a few heart stopping leaps and runs. This trout was despatched as I promised a friend that my first trout of the season would be for him. Satisfied that I had broke my duck for the season I stopped fishing for a wee while and just sat back on the shore and enjoyed the scenery but it soon turned cold when the cloud rolled in so I made my way back via the the BHB and back to Teds Tree for a few final casts of the day . I then decided it was time to head home but before doing so I went into the Hillend Lodge for a blether and a welcome hot cup of soup.


  1. Congratulations Dabbler. That looks a nice fish.

    I will be visiting hillend in a week or so. Which flies would you recommend? Also would a floating line be sufficient at this time of year? (I am a novice at fly fishing).

    Many thanks

  2. At this time of year I would recommend lures such as black ftitz and wooly bugger style lures.
    Cheers, The Dabbler of Hillend

  3. alan i had the place to myself tuesday night, i plucked 3 nice ones right in front of the club house, i was using a wee sexy black number size 12


  4. What have I told you about wearing womans clothes? lol!

  5. That is a fine looking trout. Great way to start the season!

  6. Nice fish first hook up of the year great.