Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sunburst Kate McLaren

Last Friday when I called into my local angling shop, my mate Scott was in helping out as usual. Once I got my coffee from him he went on to tell me that he would like me to tie up some Sunburst Kates as someone had been in the shop earlier that afternoon and was telling him that he had great success with this pattern last year at Hillend and even on some Wild Highland Lochs too. I have used this pattern before at Hillend and to be honest I never found it to be better than any other pattern. Even though the fishing season has begun it doesn't mean that I stop tying but on the contary as I am always open to suggestions of flies to tie and try so therefore taking on board what Scott had informed me of this fly I tied a few of these over the the last week....Some for him and some for me and of course not forgetting Tam I have a few for him too. Time and weather permitting I'm hoping to get out on the Loch over the weekend to try these variations which would have William Robertson, the creator of the original Kate McLaren turning in his grave as in essence this variation is really just a wooly bugger.

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