Sunday, 20 March 2011

One Each at Hillend

I made a couple of phone calls last night to Tam and Scott to arrange for the three of us to have an afternoon fishing at Hillend this Sunday afternoon. Tam was just as keen as me to get out today but Scott decided that his first outing to the Loch would be put on hold as his attentions were drawn to a big sporting event that was being held South of the River Clyde in Glasgow. Hampden to be precise.
So Tam and I went up the Loch together and decided that we would try our luck from the North Shore. We got there by way of the new road which was constructed at the tail end of last season. We parked up, placed my Hillend parking permit on the windscreen and made our way round the back of the Spiers Island. A cold south westerly wind was blowing right into us, we carried on regardless. Tam as usual was first into a fish and soon had it in the net. Tams first of the season was around the 2lb mark. Then about an hour or so later I eventually made contact with a trout with my Hillend Green then played and landed a fish of about 1 1/2lb.
We both agreed that we had an enjoyable and satisfying afternoon even if it was a bit cold and drizzly at times and I am led to believe that Scott had a rather enjoyable afternoon too.

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