Friday, 8 July 2011

A Big Thanks to Tam from The Clyde Fishing Forum

What a wonderful thing this internet thingy is. Like many of you I frequent a few good fishing forums and visit many good angling web sites etc. It's amazing how much info one can get from the click of a mouse. From hints and tips to contact numbers for permission to fish etc, but best of all when you get to chat online with like minded persons. The reason I mention this tonight is that I was contacted by a member of the River Clyde Fishing Forum who read that I was going salmon fishing next week and offered me some flies he even offered me a loan of his salmon rod. So we arranged to meet at the Hillend Fishing Lodge tonight and in return for the salmon flies I gave Tam C some trout flies. I thanked him for the offer of the rod but explained that I would just use my fly rod as I have been advised that my trout rod would suffice. The flies I received were superb and would like to take this opportunity to thank Tam C once again. If you are reading this Tam I will tie some Kates for you over the next day or too. After having a look at those patterns for inspiration I tied up another couple with my newly purchased hooks which I got along with some new materials from the GAC last night. The above fly was tied less than twenty minutes ago.

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