Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Hillend Trout

Tonight I arranged to meet Ian a fellow Hillender up at the Hillend Lodge tonight and do a bit of fishing on the South shore. Ian like myself prefers to use traditional wet flies rather than modern lures etc. Off we went and decided to fish the point near the the Braco Burn. This area is a favourite of Ian's and has had great success here in the past especially as darkness descends over Hillend on a summer evening. Ian was telling me tonight that he has been having a disappointing season as I have and has had many frustrating nights when the trout just don't come out to play. Just as the sun was setting over Caldercruix at 9.45pm Ian hooked into a trout with an Invicta on the point and succesfully landed it, then after I made a quick photo call it was released to fight another day. Just shortly after that I made contact with a trout but it didn't stick. Later Ian covered another rising fish which made an unsuccessful attempt to take his fly. We packed up just before midnight. It was great to have company for a change at Hillend as it can sometimes be a lonely experience fishing into the dark at Hillend.

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