Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hooked it, Lost it!

Tam and I opted for an outing on the Lily Loch boat on Saturday evening. Conditions didn't look too promising as there wasn't much of a ripple on the Loch but motored up to the West end of the Loch to catch what was left of the decreasing wind. We started our first drift on the Loch and after about four or five casts I hooked into a fish with my silver Invicta but unfortunately that moment of pleasure was all too brief as the trout soon won its freedom. That one drift was the best all night as a complete flat calm descended on the Loch for most of the night. Later the wind picked up for one last drift which lasted all of fifteen minutes and we soon packed up as the stillness of a summer night engulfed the Lily Loch once again. Although our fishing was somewhat curtailed due to the lack of wind and once again I was pisctorially challenged it was a very pleasant evening to be out on the Lily on a boat as it sure beats sitting in the house in front of the tv or pc.

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