Sunday, 29 March 2015

Its still feels like winter.

Despite the atrocious weather today @ Hillend I managed to stay out long enough in the biting wind and rain long enough to fool a couple of trout from in and around the Shields Burn area.
Since the start of the season Ive not had one comfortable session on the Loch as its been bitterly cold and my hands have never been so sore and cold with the wind. Perhaps its an age thing! 
My two trout this afternoon were fooled by my usual black UV lure with the gold head, Black UV straggle Fritz body and  black marabou tail. I was only on the Loch for a couple of hours and not long after my second trout I made a retreat back to the car where I got the stove and kettle out and made a very warm and welcoming coffee, more to warm my hands than crave a caffeine hit! The clocks might have went forward last night but it still feels like winter.

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