Saturday, 24 April 2010

My Favourite Tackle Shop

I think I'm correct in saying we anglers sadly live in the age of the death of the wee local tackle shop. Therefore it's reassuring that there is still one wee shop in my town that is holding onto the traditional tackle shop ethos. When you go into this wee shop you just don't go in to purchase tackle etc,you can have a coffee or a tea,get expert advice, chat with other anglers and hear the local gossip about the local Lochs and rivers. Big supermarket style stores such as the one located in Possil along with other on line mail order tackle dealers lack soul. Of course you can have a hot drink there too but you have to get it out a machine for Goodness sake. The loss of many local tackle dealers in other towns throughout the country is depriving us of that small but vital tangible link with local fishing and fishermen. We anglers are suffering from that Globalisation thing in very much the same way that local food stores and clothes shops etc have been ran out of town by the multi conglomerate superstores and shopping malls. In the end these mega angling stores give you less choice as they will only stock the brands that they can do the best deal with rather than items and brands which the anglers would like.

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  1. Got to agree with you on supporting your local small tackle shop. It's where I get a lot of info on how the Local Rivers and Tarns are fishing.