Sunday, 13 February 2011

Day Dreaming at Hillend

Only 29 days to go until I can begin the pursuit of fishing for trout. So off I went this afternoon to have a look around my local Loch, Hillend. For the first time this year it felt like a spring day. A gentle westerly wind was blowing gently up the Loch. The conditions were absolutely perfect for casting a fly from the shore. The water is high at the moment with all the rain we have had lately and as I walked along the shore I made a mental note of some nooks and crannies that looked very fishy. At the club house today I met a Hillender who was telling me that while he was out walking yesterday in the area known locally as the cliffs that he saw trout rising not far from the shore. There was no sign of them today though as I walked along that particular area but there were a few geese on the Loch today. I decided to sit at the Big Stane and take in the view and watch the geese play in the water and let my imagination get carried away with the thought of casting flies and catching trout. A muddler on the top dropper would have have worked a treat today I reckoned as the ripple on the water was just perfect. I came away from the Loch today full of hope and excitement for the coming season and decided to tie a couple of those scruffy Hillend muddlers that I imagined casting and retrieving along the shore near the Big Stane.

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