Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hillend Brute!

OK I have to admit it, I'm no purist and I confess I have been known on the odd occasion to dabble in the Dark Art of Lures! There are times at Hillend when the use of a lure is the only way of attracting the trout's attention. The Yellow Dancer is a favourite among the Hillend regulars as is the Black Fritz. I don't use lures very often , honest! but when I do I tend to use either a black or olive wooly bugger type pattern. I found over the last couple of seasons that a gold bead is not necessary on my lures as I tie them on heavy hooks and they drop through the water at a nice slow pace. A gold or silver bead on the head sometimes hinders my casting too especially on a windy day. Let me tell you a big lure with a metal bead tied at the head can be a real pain too when it skelps you on the back of the head. This pattern is a real brute of a fly compared to the traditional style wets that I like to tie. One day I was discussing flies at the loch and was commenting that these lures were big ugly brutes but the bloke I was talking to said not at all its just a bumble with a marabou tail and do you know what? He is most probably correct.

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