Thursday, 24 February 2011

Hillend Gosling

Those who know me will know that I am a fan of Davie McPhail's fly tying. I am an ardent follower of his wonderful online fly tying, You Tube Channel. I believe he is one of the best tyers in the world. A few weeks ago I contacted him to ask him if it would be possible to post a tying demo of the Gosling pattern. He said he would take it on board and put one on his channel soon . Sure enough he did. His latest demo which he posted today on his channel is of his version of the Gosling. I have spoken to Davie on a few occasion about various fly tying topics , he has always been most helpful and on one occasion asked me to call him about a cape I was looking for. I have also met him at the GAC when he has been doing his demos there. A nicer man you couldn't meet. Anyway I digress. After watching his latest vid tonight I was suitably inspired and tied something similar. The above pic is my effort at tying the Gosling.


  1. Dave McPhail is my hero! Great flies buddy and Great blog! You got a new follower

  2. Thank You! For showing an interest

  3. I watch all of Davie's videos, which in my humble opinion are the best educational videos for tying flies on the web. A really nice, down to earth guy too.