Sunday, 20 February 2011

A Gathering of Hillend Chiefs

No! my latest ramblings are not about a committee meeting of my local angling club Chiefs although I am reliably informed that there was meeting at our new refurbished Fishing Lodge yesterday afternoon between our Club and the Clarkston Anglers. They were arranging dates for the Inter Club competitions to be held over the course of the coming season.
I hadn't made a blog post for over a week now so today I thought I better rectify that by showing some of my latest flies which I have been tying over the last few days. These are one of my favourite wet style patterns. A few weeks ago I spoke about the debate over the collective noun for a collection of flies. I think you will agree that a collection of these traditional Loch style patterns can be called nothing other than a Gathering of Clan Chiefs. I have had success with Chiefs all over the country as well as at Hillend. I look forward to using them from a drifting boat at Hillend in the coming months. Before I sign off for the benefit of any Hillend Anglers who read my blog here is a list of the times and dates for membership renewal.

Feb 2011.

Fri 25th 7pm to 9pm

Sat 26th 10am to 2 pm

Sun 27th 10am to 2pm

March 2011.

Fri 4th 7pm to 9pm

Sat 5th 10am to 2pm

Sun 6th 10am to 2pm

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