Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hillend Lodge.

No,this latest post is not what you were thinking it has nothing to do with chipping stones etc, Its actually about Airdrie and District Angling Club's refurbished Clubhouse/Lodge. First of all I would just like to say that the Angling Club really has to be commended on the new look club house. The Upgrade has been long overdue and I sincerely hope the members appreciate what a wonderful facility our angling club has created. I visited the Lodge this afternoon as Airdrie V Peterhead didn't appeal to me even though I'm a season ticket holder. My team's performances of late have been despicable. I couldn't even give my ticket away as no one was interested and who can blame them.
I was really impressed with the makeover and thought that it looked like an upmarket cafe. I can just imagine ordering a Cafe Latte and sitting out on the porch in the summer sun after a successful morning on the Loch. The reality is a plastic cup of steaming hot bovril after a freezing cold morning in Boat House Bay at the start of the season which to be honest is just as satisfying.
Oh! and before I sign off I thought it was a nice gesture by the club to put a framed photo of one of my flies on the freshly painted walls, nice touch! lol!

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