Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Regional Fly Tying.

I've been busy at the tying bench over last couple of nights tying up some patterns that have been recommended to me and which for some reason I don't appear to have in my numerous fly boxes, Hard to believe , I know but its true. One of those patterns is Hugo's Olive which is an apparent must have for a couple of the Caithness Lochs and a fly I imagine from the name was devised by Hugo Ross the Caithness angler and angling retailer. You could say I have been travelling all over the country in a fly tying sense , moving from as far north as Caithness all the way down to Lanarkshire as you can see with my Magpie and Silver which is a Clyde Fly of great repute. As well as these two regions I also tied flies that are synonymous with Ayrshire and patterns from the North West Highlands, Orkney and Ireland. You could say I tied a fair cosmopolitan collection of flies.


  1. Love that 2nd fly...really sleek. Bet it looks great in the water!

  2. A lovely part of the world, Caithness.. My favourite part was always the evening rise on Watten, casting to cruising fish with little Shipmans buzzers..

  3. I copied your Hugo's Olive (though used blue Jay for the hackle cos I didnt have white) and it worked well on Loch Arkaig last week.
    nic eone- and tight lines up Caithness- I had fun there recently.