Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hillend Damsel

Better late than never eh? As promised here is a lure I tied using some materials I purchased at the weekend from GAC. I intend to use this damsel on my first trip of the new season at Hillend next week. I got the inspiration for this lure the other day they when I was in Johnny's wee angling shop in Airdrie. Even though I tie my own flies I always like to see what Johnny has got in his shop as I usually buy some and and try to copy them when I get home. It could be said that this pattern my catch the angler but I'm sure it will be a fish catcher too.
To be honest I don't really like tying lures as I get most pleasure from tying traditional wets etc but sometimes there is a need to use these type of flies/lures especially at the start of the season. So I decided to tie up half a dozen of these to use next week. Please leave a comment ,good , bad or indifferent

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  1. Hi Allan that I'll catch no problem