Sunday, 4 March 2012

Super Sunday at the Glasgow Angling Centre

As I mentioned on Friday I did indeed go along to the GAC open day today. Parking was at a premium as it was very busy. As soon as entered I headed for the tyers row and Cookshill stall. After studying the cookshill stand and purchasing my desired materials I then watched the tyers doing their demos. It was good to see Davie Downie for the first time. I have wathced some of his demos on his You Tube Channel so was pleased to meet him today.The other tyers were Dougie Loughridge and David Edwards. I spent most of my time watching Davie only because the trout flies and lures interested me more than the Big Pike flies the other lads were tying.Due to unforeseen circumstances Davie McPhail was unable to do his tying demos this weekend but I did manage to meet him and have a chat as he was mingling in the store. I was greatly encouraged by his kind words about my flytying as he does look at this blog occasionally. A true gent.
I was going to tie some patterns up tonight using the new materials I purchased today but I'm too tired. All being well I will be at the vice tomorrow night and get them up onto the Blog.

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