Friday, 2 March 2012

Glasgow Angling Centre Open Weekend

As previously stated my mind has been on other things lately as its been busy busy busy but this weekend my thoughts will be turning to the fast approaching trout season as the GAC have their annual open weekend with all manner of Angling celebrities in attendance passing on their knowledge and expertise. I will be particularly looking forward to watching Davie McPhail's tying demos and also hope to have a chat with him. Among the TV anglers in attendance will be Paul Young , Matt Hayes , Mick Brown and Hywel Morgan. No doubt I will be tempted to purchase a load of tying materials etc but will have to resist the temptation of a new rod as I really do have enough, as my wife keeps reminding me.I just hope that I have enough cash left over to pick up membership for Hillend on Saturday too. So that's all for now folks as its bedlam here at Dabbler HQ with the wife having the whole house in makeover mode. Where is that Colin and Justin when you need them lol!

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  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel... and I am not jealous at all.. ! :)