Saturday, 24 March 2012

Waterhen Bloa!

My first trip of the season to the Clyde last week got me thinking. What would be the best two general patterns to use on the upper Clyde? I checked with all my relevant Clyde literature etc and had a couple of flies in mind but nothing can beat hands on advice so to speak so I got in touch with someone who is a regular on the Clyde. He informed me that the main hatches on the Clyde at the start of the season are the large dark olives and the March Browns and therefore recommended a Waterhen Bloa and a March brown spider. I am currently tying a few of the affore mentioned flies and look forward to trying them next time I'm on the Clyde. The pattern above is my Waterhen Bloa. The dressing is....

Hook. size 12 or 14
Thread. Yellow
Body. Mole dubbed very finely
Hackle. Waterhen or Moorehen.

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