Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Big Moss Bumble

After an unsuccessful few hours at Hillend on Sunday evening I dejectedly went home and decided to tie some flies. My excuse was that the east wind was putting the fish down. I decided to tie in my favourite style and also a style of pattern I know catches fish both at Hillend and Highland Lochs. I'll call this the Big Moss Bumble. It should do well when the Loch eventually heats up and the trout are in the upper layers. This patter is tied in a size 10 Kamazan hook. Black uni 8/0 thread. Dyed black pheasant tail. Amber holographic tinsel body. Rib copper wire.black cock body hackle. White hen collar hackle. Hope you like it.I certainly enjoyed tying a few of these up. Thanks for looking!

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