Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hillend Trout Fooled Today!

After dinner today I decided to get up to Hillend. I chose to have a few casts in the Boathouse Bay to start with, after twenty minutes or so I decided I cut through the woods and have a go in Lowe's Bay. After quarter of an hour my first fish of the day was hooked but not for long as it managed to throw the hook in the ensuing fight. Dejected I sat down for a while then after a coffee I tried again this time I managed to land would you believe a Perch. Time to move on so I headed for the mound but waded in at the Big cairn which rises from the water, after a while I decided to move down right in front of the mound. Good move as this is where I hooked and landed my only rainbow of the evening. It was fooled by one of my ugly lures. It was after 8 o'clock when I decided to pack up and walk through the woods and back to the car at the east end of the loch. Maybe push my luck a little further with a trip to the Clyde tomorrow.

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