Saturday, 28 April 2012

Wee Moss Buzzers

Now! before someone corrects me , I know thse are not exactly buzzers but they a buzzer of sorts. I tied a few of these last night as I'm at last going to have proper go at using buzzers at Hiilend at some point this weekend. As I have already said in other posts Its not a style of fishing I normally use. I hope all the advise and tips etc that everyone has given me will come to fruition. It looks like the teperature and weather is going to be ideal for buzzer fishing this weekend. No doubt the loch will be busy today so I might wait until tomrrow morning. I will report back here on Sunday with my results.


  1. was at hillend this weekend, had success on the buzzer. thanks for the tip.

  2. I just got snagged when I used them and reverted back to my usual wets