Saturday, 14 April 2012

Getting Lucky on Friday the 13th

Yesterday I decided on a trip up to Hillend despite it being Friday the 13th and all that nonsense.It was nice to be at the Loch on a fine nice warm morning with just a fine wee ripple on the water. There were quite a few fish showing in the area I was fishing and it wasn't long before I caught my first trout of the day.An hour or so later I had my second and final fish I reckon the two fish I fooled were most probably stockies but nice looking stockies all the same.I also missed a few fish too. As the morning progressed the wind picked a little but it wasn't too strong but it being a northerly there was a bit of a chill in the air. It was great to fish in an area I haven't fished much these last couple of years. My late friend Colin and I used to fish this part of the loch quite often and usually did quite well. I was hoping for a few hours at the loch today but SWMBO has plans so it looks like an early morning visit is in order tomorrow morning.


  1. What did you catch with Allan?

  2. I was using a back wooly bugger as suggested by Bob a Hillend regular who contacted me recently about his early season success. Both fish fooled by the WB on the point but llso had a wee Kate on the dropper. I am going to do a wee post for Bob and his pattern as he said he wanted to see a tidier version than his. Its nothing fancy just gold bead, peacock body palmered with black cock and ribbed with silver tinsel and black marabou tail