Friday, 12 February 2010


I mentioned in my profile page that I started this blog as a means to share my passion for the outdoors with a particular leaning towards Flyfishing and Flytying. I also mentioned that I would include articles about my other passion which up until now I have not really covered much. The reason for that is that I haven't been doing any hillwalking recently . This is something I intend to remedy in the coming weeks. I have been a serious hillwalker for over twenty years now which has led me to the summits and tops of over 150 munros, but dodgy knees have curtailed my tramps up the mountains of Scotland a bit and now only manage the occasional trek.In my archives I have a plethora of photographs and a few diary accounts of my mountain days.
Here are some words I wrote a few years ago about my favourite mountain area,Glencoe.I adore this area no matter the weather. I have felt every human emotion possible while walking in among the peaks, ridges,secret valley amd passes of this historic and beautiful area of the Highlands. I hope in some way to catch the atmosphere of the place in the following words.


Proud and rapturous are my family of mountains,
Always inspiring.
Their sun kissed,boulder strewn slopes entice me
and invite me,
from the Lochs and the Rivers on the Moors and glens below.
They lure me, they entrap me, they delight me.

Dark and brooding are my family of mountains,
many are haunted
Their wind swept,thunder clapped peaks float upon a sea
of swirling mist
that smothers the sombre weeping glen below.
They wail, They scream, They kill
They sometimes scare me.

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