Sunday, 21 February 2010

March Brown Spider

Here is my version of a March Brown Spider. Looking through my collection of fly pattern books there appears to be all sort of variations of this popular fly. There are some patterns with a wing of hen pheasant, some with hares ear fur some with rabbit, gold ribs, yellow thread ribs and copper ribs and so on and on. I have decided to go with a pattern close to one of Roger Wooley's patterns.
size 12 hook, Orange pearsalls silk, rabbit fur body, gold thread rib, brown partridge fibres for a tail and a brown partridge hackle at the collar.
By all accounts this is a good early season pattern so I will be tying up some more of these tonight and filling my new box. I had better tie some for tam and Scott as I 'm sure they too wouldn't want to be without this fly when we go fishing early in the new season.

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