Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Kate McLaren Variant

Browsing the Internet as I do on a regular basis I came across a very good fly mail order outlet called Caithness Quality flies. You will find a link to it on my side bar. Not that I purchase flies any more as you may have gathered by visiting my blog.What I liked about this site was the very good quality photographs they have on display of their flies. What struck me about these flies was the very vivid colours on most of these patterns. I was very impressed with them that I just had to pull up a chair at my bench and try to tie something similar to these wonderful looking flies.
Where to start ? I thought. To cut a long story short I decided to tie a Kate McLaren Variant, variant indeed I hear you cry as the colours used in my pattern are a tad psychedelic, well that 's what my brother told me. Unfortunately my picture quality is not good enough to display the true colours of my pattern.The materials I used are as follows.
Size 12 Kamazan Hook,
Fire Orange Uni Thread 8/0
Purple David Rice supernatural dubbing blend body
Red Wire Rib
Orange Crest Tail
Chinese Cock Claret body hackle
Mets Hen Neck Dun Collar Hackle
I called it Psychedelickate.
I tied this for nothing other than a bit of fun. Hope you like it.

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