Friday, 5 February 2010

Watten Warrior?

Tonight I have been spending some time at the bench tying up some Watten Warriors. Why the question mark you may ask. Well After a bit of research[I looked up google]I came across the definitive dressing for the famous Caithness fly ,The Watten Warrior.but and it's a big but.The version I tied up uses a synthetic material called frizz fibre instead of Glo Brite No 4 floss for the tail and instead of gold wire for the ribbing I used copper wire. The question is, Is it really a Watten warrior as I did not use the correct materials as in the original dressing by local Caithness tackle dealer Hugo Ross? Does a fly have to be tied to the exact detail as the original in order to be worthy of the name invented by it's creator? No matter what I will be handing over a few of my versions to my fishing friend Tam as we prepare and look forward to our summer fishing trip to the far North. I'm sure he will recognize them as Watten Warriors. Anyway I don't think the local residents who inhabit the Loch will be too fussed if there is copper wire replaced instead of gold etc. There again maybe the fish are smarter than we think.


  1. Enjoying your blog Allan. My mate Rob Denson has a pattern which he devised for Watten. By all accounts it worked well. I'll get you the dressing if you like.......he named it the Watten Wanker. It's a nicer looking fly than the name suggests!!


  2. Thanks for your comments Matt. That certainly sounds an interesting fly to say the least. I can just imagine when me and my mate are out on the Loch and he calls over to me "What are you getting them on Allan?" then I will reply " The Wanker" then he would reply "You dont need to be like that Allan I was only asking"

    Cheers, Allan.

  3. Allan,

    I've got a photo and the dressing of the wanker for you. Drop me an email on so I get your address, and I'll message it over to you....