Saturday, 20 February 2010

Green Tailed Kate McLaren.

Due to technical problems since Wednesday I have been unable to access my blog until now. I have not been idle though as I have been busy at the bench tying for friends and acquaintances and of course, the odd flee for myself. Here is another variation of a Kate McLaren that has been successful for me over the years. I know of a lot of people at Hillend who use this green tailed variation. The first time I used this variation was at the Big Moss at Hillend many years ago when I used to wade right out up to my chest.I'm much more sensible and safety conscious now. I recall trying to wade back to the bank side and falling and tripping into and over the ditches and obstacles that are located in that area. The fish I caught that day was nothing special just a rainbow around the 2lb mark, for some reason I always remember that day as it was the first time I had used the Green Tailed Kate, probably because I was a bit of a novice at the fly tying at the time and was chuffed because one of my versions had worked.
This Green Tailed Kate McLaren has a Furnace hen cape at the collar and Florescent green antron wool for the tail. Comments appreciated.

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  1. Nice looking Kate variant there. I will need to practice more to get that good