Friday, 19 March 2010

First Cast at Hillend

At last I made my first cast at Hillend Loch today. Unfortunately no trout were caught on my first visit to the Loch this year. On arrival at the Loch it was obvious that the wind would be a problem as I wanted to fish off the rocks at the narrows. I decided the far side of the Boathouse Bay would be a better option as the wind would be at my back and make it easier to get a fly out. I persevered for about an hour but to no avail which wasn't all that surprising. It was very cold and I would imagine the fish will not be very active as I reckon they will lying tight to the bottom at the moment. However it was good to be out on the Loch again and look forward to many warm pleasant evenings at Hillend this year

Here are a couple of short video clips to give you a feel for the conditions at Hillend today.


  1. I like the Vids. lokks to be just a bit too windy for the fly.
    Down here it was brighter but just as windy.

  2. hello hillend dabbler,i too have jumped over hadrians wall to live on the darkside but it makes coming home to fish on hillend ever more special.i fish the loch with my brother when i am home,i have enjoyed your site and will follow it through the favourite spot is just past the yacht club over the fence and next to the last tree before it turns into eastercroft bay,i will be there saturday hopefully

  3. Pleased you enjoy my blog. Don't know when I'll be out on the loch again as the weather has taken a turn for the worse here. As I type this we a currently experiencing blizzard conditions here in Airdrie. Hopefully everything will have cleared up by the weekend.