Monday, 1 March 2010

Glasgow Angling Centre Open Weekend

This weekend the Glasgow Angling Centre hosts yet again one of their fast becoming legendary Open Weekends. I have attended this event on a couple of occasions now and have found them to be really enjoyable and interesting.Paul Young, not the Q Tips singer but the angler will be in attendance as well as other TV angling celebs such as Matt Hayes and Mick brown.One of my favourite angling writers , Bruce Sandison will be in attendance too. I am inticipating meeting him for the first time as he very kindy used one of my photographs for inclusion in his latest book. As ever I will be particularly looking forward to watching the flytyers especially Ayrshire's Davie McPhail. Another bloke I look forward to meeting is Steve Cooper from Cookshill Fly tying who are based in Stoke.Steve organizes the British Fly Tying Fair which is annually held at Trentham Gardens Stoke. I attended this event last year and can thoroughly recommend it. Steve's stand at BFFI was phenomenal. Their range of tying materials are of the highest quality.Steve will have a stand at the G A C from Friday until Sunday. He will also be doing some skinning demos which I will be intrigued to see.If the fly tying fair I attended last November is anything to go by I'd better make sure my wallet is full. I digress,the above are what I'm looking forward to most but I'm sure there will something for everyone at the GAC this weekend whatever your angling interests are.
You can find a link to Cookshill Fly Tying which I Can't rate highly enough in my Dabbler's Links on the side bar.

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