Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Inter Club Competition 2010

Last weekend the first inter club competition of the season was held at Hillend Loch between Airdrie and District Angling Club and Clarkston Angling Club. My mate Tam was fishing for the away club {The Lily Boys]and was very pleased to relay to me that my club had been well and truly defeated by his club. This was a bait fishing only competition.Clarkston landed a remarkable 35lb of trout to Airdrie & District's 14 lb. The venue for the next leg of the competition will take place at the Lily Loch in April. This year as well as the inter club fly competition , a boat fishing competition will be introduced between both clubs for the first time. This will of course be hosted at Hillend Loch.Now I quite fancy being invited to take part in that,
I will just have to wait I suppose to see if I am asked to be involved.

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