Saturday, 6 March 2010

Stalking Cookshill & McPhail, in a friendly way.

Just a quick post today. I am just back from the open day at the GAC. It was just a quick visit as I am going into tomorrow again with my mate. I watched Davie McPhail tying briefly and managed to see the The Great Rod Race blokes. For those who don't know who that is. They are the stars of many amgling shows on the Discovery channels, Matt Hayes and Mick Brown. Like I said it was just a quick visit, but I still managed to part with a considerable amount of sterling at the Cookshill fly tying materials stand. I could not resist a few dyed hen capes , wonderful pheasent tails and some lovely dyed partridge hackles in Lime green and orange. I plan to tie some flees tonight while enjoying a fine bottle of red. I will post the results later on tonight. In the meantime here here are a couple of pics of the Ayrshire tyer in action.

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  1. When I get to go and visit Scotland I will make sure I am there when Davie is doing a demo.