Friday, 12 March 2010

A fly for Loch Skeen.

As the new trout season draws ever nearer I have continued to be busy at the vice. The above fly is just one of a number of flies that I have been tying in that style all week in all colours and variations. I am looking forward to experimenting with this fly in all manner of loch and lochans.
With the tying season ending, well to be honest it never really ends, my thoughts have turning to things other than fly tying
I have made it my new season resolution to do something that I have been yearning to do for a number of years now. For the past couple of years I have been meaning to fish Loch Skeen at the top of the Grey Mares tale. For some reason or other I have yet to visit this loch in an angling capacity.I have been to Loch Skeen in the past but not on fishing duties but when I was hillwalking in that area.The loch is set in a wonderful hilltop location and is very popular with photographers.My photo of Loch Skeene above was taken from the summit of Andrewhinney Hill on the opposite side of the valley from the Loch. Another interesting aspect of Loch Skeene is that it has in it's depths a rare species of fish call the Vendace.(Coregonus albula)This herring - like fish which is extremely rare in Britain, was introduced into the loch as a refuge population due to deteriorating conditions in Bassenthwaite in the English Lake District. It is now thriving in Skeen.
I believe May or June will be the best time to visit Skeen. I might even spend a night up there if the weather is conducive to camping. There is so much to look forward to come the 15th. I cant wait!


  1. It's been many years since I was at the Grey Mares Tail. the last time I was there it was raining this was about 1982

  2. Love that top photo, stunning landscape - just my sort of thing.


  3. Hi Allan, I am a South African and will be visiting my daughter in Edinburgh in June 2010. I have been invited out for a day on the lochs in the Pentlan hills. Whilst I am quite confident with choosing flies in SA, it is my first time fishing in Scotland. Can you suggest, say your six top "go-to" flies and what combinations to fish them. Much appreciated

  4. hi i fished loch skeen many years ago its a very hard walk when carrying back packs with tents food and fishing gear i can remember the very narrow paths camped for a full weekend the fishing was excellent caught many many trout with [fly.minnow.worm.maggot]

  5. Hi Just noticed these comments. top six flies would be...... Any North Country spider, Kate McLaren, brown Palmer, Black Zulu, Gold ribbed hears ear nymph and F Fly.