Sunday, 29 January 2012

Airdrie & Dist AC [Hillend Loch] AGM

I attended the Airdrie and District angling Club's AGM this afternoon and I'm pleased to report that the Club is in a healthy state especially in these tough financial times and its all down to the hard work that the committee etc put in and which goes unnoticed. The only disappointing aspect of today's meeting was that there were only 52 members in attendance which was a 25 drop on last years meeting.The bulk of the committee were re elected with just a couple of members standing down.We heard reports on the stocking policy of the club and reports on the landscaping and path making etc and the continuing success of the club house facility which is without doubt the best in the region. The use of the boats was disappointing as not as many members as hoped utilised them. I put that down to the terrible weather we had during the course of the season as high winds tended to prevail during the summer.The Club are pleased to announce that the pricing of memberships and season tickets will remain the same as last year with the only increase being a day ticket going up by a pound. Over all the club is in a hale and hearty condition and I look forward to the coming season which is only 46 days away.

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