Sunday, 15 January 2012

More Hillend Scruffs

Today I tied a trio of flies for use at Hillend in a similar style that I tied last year and I use the word style carefully that caught me a few trout last year. Its a good wet pattern to use in the May and june when the fish are in the upper layers of the loch. Not the best looking flies to look at but the fish appeared to show an interest in them last year.
Tied on a size 10 hook I used and orange uni thread for the tying thread,the tail is from a mallard the body is firey yellow slf with wraps of red holo tinsel the body hackle is brown grizzle with a green wire rib to secure it down and a scruffy partridge hackle at the front... A scruffy Hillend Palmer.


  1. Will give that a go Allan. is the red holo an under body or a rib under the palmered hackle?

  2. its over the fiery yellow SLF body then green wire ribs the hackle

  3. Cool thanks- by the way have you seen this? Hillend I beleive.