Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Flies for Hillend brown trout

Ive been tying more flies recently than I have done for some time. The new box is steadily building up . The above three are examples of the style I have been tying. I must say I do enjoy tying these style of flies more than any other. These last few days I have been tying size 10's so my next batch are gonna be in 12's.
These flies are especially tyed with brown trout in mind but I'm sure the Hillend rainbows might fancy them too. Its always ideal to have movement and light in a fly pattern and these fit the bill perfectly. The latest patterns won't win any tying competitions as they are essentially fishing flies which are a bit rough round the edges. I will post more examples in a couple of days. Hope you like them. Please feel free to leave a comment , good bad or indifferent.

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