Sunday, 1 January 2012

Wire Spider

Hello folks Happy New Year!
Ive not really been in the tying groove recently as my mind has been on other things and have been lacking inspiration so when I sat down at the vice today I didnt know what to tie or where to start. Then I was thinking of a dabbler pattern Davie McPhail tied and gave to me at the GAC a couple of years ago. Davie showed me the wonderful properties of the mirage tinsel it had on the body as it appears to change colour or completely disappear just showing the wire wrapped over it depending on which direction the light hits it. As we all know fish are attracted to movement in fly patterns so therefore as this fly is getting pulled it should work a treat. I tied a few of these tonight and look forward to tying other patterns too in the coming weeks.
I was hoping to go after the grayling over the festive period but as yet I havent managed but hope to remedy that soon.

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