Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Geocaching by the Lily Loch.

After the excesses of Christmas, New Year and a victory for
the Diamonds over the Wee Rovers yesterday I decided that today would be an
appropriate time to begin my plan to get fit for the year ahead. Trouble was
when I awoke this morning there was an almighty storm blowing across the
country shutting down transport systems, major bridges and of course causing major structural damage and also the danger of falling trees etc.
Therefore I waited to about midday when it appeared that the
wind was subsiding before heading out.
I picked up Alex just after twelve and we decided that we
would have a walk up the hills nearby the Lily Loch. Alex had a new GPS he
wanted to use so we decided we would do a bit of what is termed Geocaching. Basically
it’s a Hi tech game of treasure hunt using a GPS to locate a concealed box or
something similar. Inside there is a log book which you sign and date and give
details of the weather conditions etc. Alex had all the details and route to
follow etc.
We parked in the Lily carpark headed up the footpath to the
lily we were soon out on the hills searching for the cache. The wind and
freezing sleet was a hindrance as we got up onto Drumfin. I tried to get some
pics of the lily loch looking west but the sleet was coming straight at me so
decided if any pics were to be taken then they would have to be looking east
with the wind at my back. The view over to Hillend were nice but would be much
better appreciated on a better weather day. After a while we found the desired
cache there was a second to be found but the weather was too wild and wet so
called it a day went back to the car and visited the Hillend Lodge for a
welcome cup of coffee.

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