Monday, 31 March 2014

A Wild Hillend Trout

Sometimes some folk conveniently use the weather etc as an excuse for not going fishing.
In - advisably I ventured up to the loch today despite the weather and also still feeling the effects of the heavy cold I have.
The loch was shrouded in mist and stayed like that the whole time I was there.
I started fishing in the boathouse bay but had no success so I then tried Lowe's bay and the mound.
The north easterly wind wasn't ideal to say the least.
Having failed to fool a trout I dejectedly plodded my may back through the mud in the woods back to the boathouse bay but as I walked by I stopped at the gorse bush for a few final casts and to my surprise I hooked into a wee beauty of a wild Hillend brown trout which was fooled by the fly pattern I tied last night.
I must admit I do like to catch these wee wild Hillend trout they are lovely and certainly made up for a few very cold hours at Hillend today.

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