Saturday, 15 March 2014

Let the Havering commence

Typical isn't it? We've had lovely warm weather all week then it takes a turn for the worse for the opening day of the trout season.
I don't suppose it will actually put the anglers off though. Its been a long wait through the winter.
As I type this I'm getting txt from Hillend informing me that its wet and windy at the loch but some nice trout have been getting caught. Tosh, a work colleague txt me to say he's caught a nice 2lb 4oz brown trout.
I will wait until Monday before I wet a flee at Hillend as its always extremely busy on opening day at the Loch.
Tomorrow I'm considering heading north up to Loch Ericht with my two friends Tam and Scott. I wont be fly fishing though as its far too early for that up there.Taking a box of spinners sounds like a good alternative. It will be good to catch up with the Tiddler and the Tangler and make plans for future fishing trips.

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