Monday, 17 March 2014

Blown Away!

My first outings of the new brown trout season almost blew me away not in an an exciting manner you understand.
On Sunday I tagged along with two mates Tam and Scott up the Highlands to Loch Ericht I didn't bother taking my fly rod as Ericht is a big wild loch with little chance of catching anything on a fly its actually renowned for big ferox but to make contact with you need to be trolling. 
I decided to take a long a box of spinners. Copper tobys being my lure of choice.
The wind was horrendous and I could only fish for about ten minutes at a time and then take shelter behind a boat hut.
My body was sore by the end of the day chucking spinners out into the depths for no reward. The best part of the day was the visit to the chippy in Pitlochry on the way home.
I consoled myself in the knowledge that I would be making my first visit of the season to Hillend today, Monday.
When I arrived at Hillend this morning the wind was ferocious just like yesterday at the Ericht. I put on three layers to protect myself from the cold wind and off I went once again with my box of spinners. It would have been madness to attempt to fly fish in this weather.
I worked my way along the south shore and hooked my first Hillend trout of the season at the wee moss but sadly I lost it in the ensuing fight. 
Unperturbed I kept on working my copper toby through the water until eventually I hooked and landed a trout in the Eastercroft bay. It was a relief to get that first Hillend trout of the season as it was extremely hard work fishing into the teeth of that wind today. At least I was rewarded for my efforts today. 

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