Sunday, 24 January 2010

Hillend Loch Today

Went for a wee trip up to the Loch today to see how the place is looking what with all the ongoing construction work on the south shore in preparation for the new railway link from Airdrie to Bathgate. Much to my surprise the Loch surface is still covered in ice. Excuse the quality of the pic as my batteries ran flat in my camera just as I was composing a picture of the Loch,so had to make do with the phone camera.
The other pics are of the Braco burn. The burn had to be diverted as sections of the south shore of the Loch have had to be filled in with thousands of tons of rock to accommodate the rail track and cycle path. It's a touch sad that instead of skillfully constructed bridges such as those in these pics are being replaced with plastic pipes to direct Hillend's burns. Time will tell if the meddling of the spawning burns will impact on the number of natural breeding trout in the Loch.

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