Saturday, 2 January 2010

Rock 'N' Roll Fishing

As the snow continues to fall and cause havoc all over the country it has pretty much made me housebound and as such has got my imagination going wild....

I prefer the company of friends whenever I go fly fishing don’t get me wrong I have enjoyed solitary outings in the past but for me they can often be lonely experiences especially when its cold, wet, dark and fishless.
I had arranged to wet some flies at my local Loch with my mate Alex one evening but he decided at the Last minute that he was otherwise engaged. As it was June and the big sedge was on the water I decided not to let the chance of good sport go a begging so I reluctantly decided to go solo.
Instead of fishing alone some people might perhaps take along their dog for company but since I’m not a dog owner I chose the unusual alternative of my Mp3 player for companionship.
Normally when I’m fishing I like to enjoy the sound of the wind blowing through the grass and the music of the water as it laps against the shore so to block out natures harmonies with my earphones might appear to be sacrilegious.
I made my way over to the big Moss, which was to be my stage for the evening, and the fish were to be by captive audience. I hope no one heard me as I sang a long to the tunes in my pocket. I varied my retrieve depending on which style of music I was listening to at the time. I was willing a fish to take as I listened to The Stones “like a rainbow “. Nobody would have believed me anyway if that had happened and so it came to pass that I never actually caught anything that night. As I made my way home in the car that night I reflected on my night of Rock n Roll fishing and I came to the conclusion that the best thing about fishing with earphones on was that they at least kept the midges oot ma lugs.

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