Saturday, 9 January 2010

North Calder Water

I was determined not to let the cabin fever set in this weekend therefore I went for a stroll down the Monkland Glen today and walked along the banks of the North Calder Water. The North Calder flows for 12 miles from it's source at the Black Loch near Limerigg then after a short distance it enters Hillend Loch then snakes it way into the River Clyde at Daldowie on the outskirts of Glasgow.
I last fished the NCW a couple of years ago. Biggest fish I had was a half pounder but also had many more bandies. Came across a deer today down the Glen. That was the first time I had seen one down there although friends have been telling me that they are down there in considerable numbers. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to get a photograph of the beast. The NCW moves at a much slower pace than the deer. Hope you enjoy my photos.


  1. A real pleasure to read thanks.

  2. Hi,
    just came across your blog,will definetly be back to catch up on your adventures :o).
    I've not long moved to Carnbroe which is next to the North Calder,could you tell me if i would need a permit to fish at the cairnhill/sikeside end of the river?
    Moran Taing,
    Iain :o)

  3. Excellent site. Always enjoy your stories and pictures. I was in glencoe last week. I read your story a few weeks earlier about fishing the loch behind the kingshouse. Im also from caldercruix. although i no longer fish hillend very often. great stuff thanks