Monday, 15 March 2010

Loch Ericht opening day of the season 2010

Just back from Loch Ericht. I'm feeling very tired abd weary. this is a short video clip of the conditions today.Will post a more in depth entry tomorrow when I'm feeling more alert. Oh and by the way I didn't return home fishlesss.


  1. reminds me of a few dreary early season days when the weather sorts the men from the boys . well done for venturing out on opening day ,i also fish every opening day , its the only religious event on my calendar ! nice looking wild trout too , never fished that loch myself must give it a try this year . can you post some details on it ..permits etc ?

  2. i notice you say once the season is over you turn to fly tying , the season is never over! you need to get out after the ladies mate !! when the trout season ends i head for the clyde mate and enjoy some of the best sport of the year fishing spiders or weighted bugs for the grayling and when you get them in a taking mood the sport can be fast and furious . i love my trout fishing , and a wild brownie is a thing of beauty , but it cant compete with a big grayling possibly the best looking fish that swims ! as a walker you will know what its like on those bitter frosty mornings when your fingers feel like they could drop off at any moment , but nothing brings them back to life like a big silver flash and the heavy thump on the fly rod when a two pounder takes your fly ! get out there this winter i think you might like it *