Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday Fishing at Hillend

It has been a week since I last caught a trout so off I went fishing this Sunday afternoon.I opted to fish the North Calder below the Hillend Dam before heading up onto the Loch. I really need to learn how to fish the burn as I was a bit lost with regards to tactics etc. I just cast my size 14 bugs up stream and hoped for the best as they drifted back down. Needless to say I didn't make any contact with any trout. Before I wondered up to the North shore of the Loch I had a chat with a bloke who was trotting worms down the burn. He told me he usually does well at this stretch of the North Calder and told me to give it another chance later in the season.
Off I went up onto the loch hoping for better success.I started off fishing at the corner of the Loch known as the Daisy. I then moved along the North Shore where I met another fisherman who told me his father did well along here yesterday.As I fished along the shore I had to take a break every now and again to warm my hands as it was bitter cold in the showery rain. After a couple of hours I was beginning to give up hope when after a change of fly I made contact with one of Hillend's newest residents. A very welcome rainbow trout just a touch over 2lb. Happy to have a fish in the net I had a few more casts before I was bombarded with hail stones.I then decided to get back to the Hillend Lodge to dry off and get a nice cup of oxtail soup before going back home.


  1. Looks like you had a good day despite the weather

  2. Water looks high and coursing, though I don't really know the water as normal. Am very glad to have found your blog, Alan. I am coming to the Fringe in Edinburgh in August, then will take 10 days to drive and fish about the UK. I will be watching your blog, and perhaps sending some questions along the lines of -- are there opportunities to fish to wild trout in rivers and streams in the Highlands? Expensive, difficult, low water? Should I simply go south to Yorkshire Dales, Derbyshire then to Wales...? Thanks, very nice blog.

    I, too, love a walk and a fish, on bamboo and old Hardy reels.

    Flykuni, my nom de Net.

    Darrell K.
    Los Angeles, California

  3. Thanks for your comment Flykuni.
    Good to know that you are enjoying my blog.
    Re - your questions. if I were you I would fish in the highlands. Trout fishing is inexpensive. Have a look at the "Wild Fishing Scotland" Link in my right hand Links bar for all the information you will ever need for wild fishing in the Scottish Highlands.

    Cheers, Allan.

  4. awrite allan nice blog m8 a was just lookin for ma 2 small pike lol.