Sunday, 16 January 2011

Bitter Cold Hillend

I went up to Hillend Loch today for a wee walk to see how the area was looking after all the severe weather we had for the last month and a half. As the Hillend Lodge appeared to be open I decided to pop in for a coffee. As I opened the door the smell of fresh paint greeted my senses. I was surprised to see that the whole interior of the club house was getting a much needed make over. Although there was quite a bit of stuff lying around the clubhouse the actual room looked quited spacious its amazing what a bit of paint and reorganizing can do. I have to say the place was looking really nice and I'm sure will be complete by the time March the 15th comes round. After a chat with the members I decided to go out for a walk along the Loch shore. The ice hasn't completely gone from Hillend as there was still big sheets spread over the expanse of the loch. It was quite sureal to see areas on the Loch which appeared to be running water as it was blown by the strong westerly wind banked on each side with stationary ice. I tried to get some photos of this but the results were poor and didn't do the scene any justice.
I went as far as the Braco Burn stopping here and there taking numerous photos. As I was going about the Loch today about three trains passed but I was too slow with the camera to capture them, hopefuly get them next time. It was bitter cold up there today and difficult to imagine that the fishing season is only 58 days away. Enjoy the photos.

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  1. Enjoying the Blog. I work a few miles away from Hillend, in fact must have driven past it dozens of times heading up the Caldercruix way and never realised it was a trout loch!
    Will pay a visit this year maybe. I have linked you from my own blog at and also recommended your blog to Hardy's on Facebook the other day- they were asking for recommended blogs- yours was one I listed. So hopefully you will get more visitors.
    Would be interested to know if you have fished down the North Calder Water- it passes near my work- always wonder if anything lives in there surrounded by shopping trollies and stuff!